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Extraordinary General Meeting – Report

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Extraordinary General Meeting – Report

April 1, 2016      In News and Updates Comments Off on Extraordinary General Meeting – Report

Largely due to tough competition with Steve McLaren’s first game as England Manager, it was a reduced gathering that congregated for the Bedlington Terriers Extraordinary General Meeting at the Community Centre on Wednesday night.

The following is a summary (not necessarily in the order raised in the meeting) of the issues addressed in the 1 hour session:

Constitution/Ground Lease
It was announced that the new Club Constitution had finally been approved by Wansbeck Council, which meant a lease could be given to the new Club Committee. This now means that the Club has tenancy on the ground and can begin resolving most of the outstanding issues (e.g. ensuring utility supplies such as electricity are switched back on). The Constitution itself is based on the FA Club Constitution, and one along these lines is required as we look to work towards Charter Standard. A copy will be made available via the Official Website as soon as possible.

The lease is initially a rolling monthly agreement, with the intention to extend that to a rolling 12 month lease as soon as is practicable. The point was raised about the FA requirement for a minimum 10 years remaining on a lease for grant applications – the Council claim they can circumvent that as Landlords by applying on our behalf for funding.

Graeme Redpath explained that normally a Committee is elected at an AGM, but because of the circumstances of the Club, and new people coming in to a vacuum, it has been necessary to appoint a Committee comprising of those involved in resolving the Club’s issues.

It was confirmed that there will be two committees, comprising of a total of ten people.

An Executive Committee of 4 persons has been formed, comprising of:

Graeme Redpath – President
Dave Holmes – Chairman
Jim Tyler – Vice Chairman/Treasurer
Eric Young – Secretary

A General Committee of 6 has been formed, comprising of:
Mel Harmison – First Team Manager
Bill Stoker – Fundraising Officer
Dave Anderson – Media & Publicity Officer John Garbutt – Stadium Manager – in charge of the match day volunteers and general ground maintenance Chris Thompson – Supporter’s Club Representative Liz Thompson – Membership Secretary

Welfare Park

Now that a lease has been signed, the Club can gain free access to the ground, enabling tidying and maintenance to gather pace. Once power is restored on site, the floodlights will be checked to ensure they are up to standard. Work on the showers will commence as soon as the results of a Legionnaire’s test are known. Apparently this is standard procedure and is carried out every year because of the fact they are not used for a significant time between seasons. The fact that the gap has been unusually long this time around makes the check more important. The Council have already provided new goalposts, which are now in position.

The existing toilet block is to be removed by the Council at the earliest opportunity due to health and safety issues, and replaced in the first instance with Portaloos. The longer-term aim is to build a new Toilet block

The overgrown mound at the back end of Welfare Park has been spread over a larger area in that far corner. A similar mound in the corner of the Park Road end of the ground is to be tested by Wansbeck Council before appropriate action is taken.

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